Weld Mesh

About The Product

Welding mesh is welding by high quality low carbon steel wire with Galvanizing & PVC coating and other surface passivation, plasticizing treatment.


The product is processed by precise automatic mechanical technology to make the mesh surface smooth, uniform. The solder joint is firm, the tensile force is strong. The surface is bright, the corrosion resistance is good, the integrity is strong, even if the partial cutting or partial pressure is not caused loose phenomenon.


Welded wire is widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture, construction, transportation, mining and so on. Such as machine protection, animal fences, flower fences, window guard, channel fences, poultry cages, egg baskets and home/office food baskets, paper baskets and decorations.


Wire Size in mm1.20 - 5.00 mm
Tensile Strength550 - 1000 MPA
Roll Length50 - 200 Feet, Sheets available
Spacing Size 25 - 150 mm


  • Avaialable in GI & MS Wire
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