Black Annealed Wire

About The Product

Annealed wire is a type of soft wire made from low carbon steel wire through the process of Annealing. The ductility of this type of wire is high while the tensile strength is lower that of galvanised wire. Annealing is a heat treatment process that actually changes the physical and chemical properties of the wire.

Black annealed wire is a mild carbon wire which undergoes stress relieving through process called Annealing. Salasar Alloy is an established annealed wire manufacturer in India. Our annealing process ensures high adherence, uniform tensile strength throughout length.


  • Uniform Size throughout its length 20G & 18G (0.91mm & 1.18mm)
  • More length than other brands
  • Doesn't scale
  • Safe for masons
  • Wire is very soft & doesn't break easily
  • Pre-Eminent packaging to protect wire from rusting

  • Specifications

    Size Range0.90 - 6.00 mm
    Raw Material1006 - 1010
    Tolerance in mm(+/-) 0.05 mm
    Tensile Strength MPA360 - 400 MPA
    Coil Weight100 - 800 kg
    SurfaceSoft & Scale Free


    Binding Wire
    - 2/5/10/25/50 kg packaging available.

    Black Annealed Wire
    - 100-800 kg

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